The Mission

Anavah Health is a technology-enabled service company whose mission is to avert the breakdowns in care that harm frail seniors and burden caregivers. Our products and services reduce the human and financial cost of infections, falls, and dehydration, conditions that disproportionately affect seniors. These conditions represent breakdowns in care, and with technology, are preventable.

The Origin

Co-founder David Kreiss with his grandparents. His grandmother passed in 1988 due to substandard care in a nursing home.

How We Got Here

It’s personal to us.  We’ve lost loved ones due to substandard care and observed the loss of dignity that occurs as performing activities of daily living become more difficult. These experiences motivate us to make a difference for seniors and those who care for them.

Co-founder David Kreiss and his father.

Anavah | ענווה

Our desire to solve difficult problems and elevate dignity is reflected in our company’s name, Anavah Health.  Anavah means “humility” in Hebrew, a form of humility that creates an ethos to be in service to others.

Anavah provides us a clear path to our “true north” and we welcome you to join our mission to elevate dignity.

Meet the Team

David Kreiss


  • 25+ years serving in public and private sectors
  • First to successfully commercialize smart diaper technology
  • Also does: whiskey and BBQ

Scott Meek


  • PhD Chemist and Sensor Scientist with degrees from Dartmouth, MIT
  • 7 years in healthcare sensors and smart diaper technology
  • Also does: ski and bike

Daniel Howard


  • Chemist with degree from Duke and experience in clinical trials and software development
  • 7 years in smart diaper technology
  • Also does: traveling, beer and wine

Raya Lim


  • Biomedical engineer and graphic designer with degrees from RPI, RWJMS
  • 11 years of medical device engineering experience
  • Also does: baking and volleyball

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